Sunday, August 4, 2013

new day after so long...

soon this page will not be making something bigger...:) and of course nicer.... thank you so much for fallowing and sharing...kisses....

Sunday, January 15, 2012


also... there are coming huge changes in Kasholela... :)
Yesterdays night me and Lela were running out of nerves and time, but at the end drinking champagne and smiling like stupids cause we had very nice cooperation..

very soon we will update with news..

Here you have some insight! actually these pictures were taken after the production we made..

and yes... from now on kasher + lela = kasholela



TV musical

There are changes coming.. in everything.. brand new period in my life... :)

I promise to update as much as it will be possible.. cause from now on Im taking part in reality show - MUSICAL...24 hours in spotlight of cameras.. :) :)


I'm joking!

as I will not have any access to phone or internet, all the messages in Facebook or or in any other portal will read, forward and answer Liva Hausmane (Lela)

see you out there!!
Fallow me on

Monday, December 5, 2011

little princess

Model: Patrīcija (Gints Bude model management)
Photo: Toms Norde
Style: Liva Hausmane & Kasher Blums-Blumanis
Make-up: Inga Spridzāne
Retouch: Jeļena Spasova,


De'Žavu @ Tērbatas iela 45

As me and my partner Liva Hausmane (Lela) are very often guests at De' Zavu not only because of various assortment of vintage clothes which you can buy & very good atmosphere, but also because of very attractive and funny sales persons.. :) We have started a very good cooperation with Dežavu.. So this time and next times we will present some pieces of this marvelous shop.. :)

Enjoy.. :)

behind the scenes: 

Photo: Ulla Perkune
Models: Kasher un Lela

Saturday, November 26, 2011

purchase of month!!!

You see, there are moments, when you see something and you want it immediately, you don't know if it is possible to get, if it is still available, you don't know the price, you just want... . this happened when I was watching pictures of Riga Fashion Week.. I saw this jacket and fell immediately in happens barely.. The fact that it is designed by one of my childhood friends Liva Saule made this love blossom more stronger and stronger.. I couldn't find peace till the moment I bought it.. and what a surprise... It fits perfectly... :) Its really a piece of art and Im keeping it in a very special place at my home... :) Thank you Liva Saule for making my days more brighter...!!! OMG... I sound really like FASHIONISTA....but what can I do, if I sometimes love with eyes.. :D

the moment I saw this picture I fell in love.. :)
model - Markus Riva and designer Liva Saule
and that's me.. :)
I love the back part.. :)

creative photo shooting :)

This was amazing day.... :) :) :) 

building and gluing the walls, fixing the floor, playing with roses, design and style.. enjoying  dressing process and CREATIVE people - Liiva, Toms and Patricija.. I fell in love with photography again.. this time on a different level!!.. :) great great great... Here you have some small insight of this day and the process... :) the complete result you will be able to enjoy in a weeks time.. :)

coming soon...


I have moved from Greece/Crete to Latvia/ Riga.. Lot of stuff was going on, extra busy there and here and everywhere..:) But Im back again.. :) :) and Im ready.. ...ready to create... Just found a very nice quota, it says - life isn't about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.. :) isn't it amazing....?
to be in the process, to create, search and get lost in the bubble of creation is my passion
and I love it....

I already had many really nice experiences here in Latvia, which were connected with fashion, photo and design.. I promise to post it all in a while.. :)
I will start with one very nice cooperation..
I got a mail from Latvian girl who lives in Italy with a message - Can you dress me?? :) 
....................of course I can...................... :)
and this is how it started and I think will continue.. :)
I was working together with my partner Liva Hausmane...I think I was laughing constantly all the time about everything...Very nice time and experience...
Thank you!!! :)
... here you have some pictures from the final production.. :)
Supermodel: Kristine Ciematniece
Photographer: Aleksandrs Sokolovs
Style: Kasher/Hausmane
Make-up: Sarmite Barsevska

Special thanks to Martins from Dežavu :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011


“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.”

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lights of kirasao

Already for almost 3 weeks I am living in a place which is called Hersonissos in Crete, Greece... Here is soooooooo beautiful - amazing beaches, sunsets, coasts, rocks, mountains, people, traditions, houses, architecture and so on…so on…  Once you come, you never want to leave – that’s what local people say.. will see…:) Apart from our busy daily life, which we mostly spend in 5***** star Terra and Crete Maris hotels, other half of the day or more often – night, we spend in creating, dreaming and discussing…Just couple of weeks till we’ll get our new camera…Jiiiiihaaaaaaaa…. New level, new challenges and creations…. But till that time…we use all our available resources to create at least something…anything… :) Eddy bought me a fish catcher net..:) I put it on the top of my bed…to catch my dreams, my ideas…and actually it helps.. All the ideas I am writing down when I wake up…and this time - I remember all my dreams…. :) Net really helps… :)

Apart from all that…I feel very happy… smiling all day all night… :)

As I slowly get used to Greek coffee, traditional kitchen and lifestyle, also clothes, fashion and design is where my eyes are focused time to time.. :) In some magazines I saw traditional Greek clothes… somebody please shoot me… :D Don’t understand how they survive in those costumes in this weather…eh…. Here you have something…something what I imagine when I hear traditions, Greece, Crete..Hersonissos… :)


photo: ebROCK