Saturday, November 26, 2011


I have moved from Greece/Crete to Latvia/ Riga.. Lot of stuff was going on, extra busy there and here and everywhere..:) But Im back again.. :) :) and Im ready.. ...ready to create... Just found a very nice quota, it says - life isn't about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.. :) isn't it amazing....?
to be in the process, to create, search and get lost in the bubble of creation is my passion
and I love it....

I already had many really nice experiences here in Latvia, which were connected with fashion, photo and design.. I promise to post it all in a while.. :)
I will start with one very nice cooperation..
I got a mail from Latvian girl who lives in Italy with a message - Can you dress me?? :) 
....................of course I can...................... :)
and this is how it started and I think will continue.. :)
I was working together with my partner Liva Hausmane...I think I was laughing constantly all the time about everything...Very nice time and experience...
Thank you!!! :)
... here you have some pictures from the final production.. :)
Supermodel: Kristine Ciematniece
Photographer: Aleksandrs Sokolovs
Style: Kasher/Hausmane
Make-up: Sarmite Barsevska

Special thanks to Martins from Dežavu :)

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