Saturday, November 26, 2011

purchase of month!!!

You see, there are moments, when you see something and you want it immediately, you don't know if it is possible to get, if it is still available, you don't know the price, you just want... . this happened when I was watching pictures of Riga Fashion Week.. I saw this jacket and fell immediately in happens barely.. The fact that it is designed by one of my childhood friends Liva Saule made this love blossom more stronger and stronger.. I couldn't find peace till the moment I bought it.. and what a surprise... It fits perfectly... :) Its really a piece of art and Im keeping it in a very special place at my home... :) Thank you Liva Saule for making my days more brighter...!!! OMG... I sound really like FASHIONISTA....but what can I do, if I sometimes love with eyes.. :D

the moment I saw this picture I fell in love.. :)
model - Markus Riva and designer Liva Saule
and that's me.. :)
I love the back part.. :)

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