Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lights of kirasao

Already for almost 3 weeks I am living in a place which is called Hersonissos in Crete, Greece... Here is soooooooo beautiful - amazing beaches, sunsets, coasts, rocks, mountains, people, traditions, houses, architecture and so on…so on…  Once you come, you never want to leave – that’s what local people say.. will see…:) Apart from our busy daily life, which we mostly spend in 5***** star Terra and Crete Maris hotels, other half of the day or more often – night, we spend in creating, dreaming and discussing…Just couple of weeks till we’ll get our new camera…Jiiiiihaaaaaaaa…. New level, new challenges and creations…. But till that time…we use all our available resources to create at least something…anything… :) Eddy bought me a fish catcher net..:) I put it on the top of my bed…to catch my dreams, my ideas…and actually it helps.. All the ideas I am writing down when I wake up…and this time - I remember all my dreams…. :) Net really helps… :)

Apart from all that…I feel very happy… smiling all day all night… :)

As I slowly get used to Greek coffee, traditional kitchen and lifestyle, also clothes, fashion and design is where my eyes are focused time to time.. :) In some magazines I saw traditional Greek clothes… somebody please shoot me… :D Don’t understand how they survive in those costumes in this weather…eh…. Here you have something…something what I imagine when I hear traditions, Greece, Crete..Hersonissos… :)


photo: ebROCK

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